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Apr 24 2016

What is stress urinary leakage ? 24 Apr

Stress Urinary incontinence means you leak urine when you ...
Okt 19 2016

„Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a widespread syndrome in women“… 19 Okt

Interview with Gynecologist Dr. Femopase, From Cordoba, Argentina about vaginal rejuvenation.
Nov 6 2016


Questions about FemiLift North Valley Plastic Surgery in the USA answers questions about FemiLift vaginal laser treatment. What…
Dez 1 2016

After birth ? Everything in your life has changed and so is your body 01 Dez

Dr. Alexandros Bader – Talks About Post Delivery and FemiLift Treatment with 87% of success
Jun 20 2017

Reden wir endlich darüber! 20 Jun

Die österreichische "Woman" schreibt über FemiLift zur Vaginalverjüngung - Dr. Jasmine Darabnia im Interview.
Jun 25 2017

The questions you were too embarrassed to ask..answered! 25 Jun

Deborah Cruz, the TruthfulMommy blogger has found answers to the questions you were too embarrassed to ask.
Dez 25 2018

56 year old UK mom sharing her FemiLift story 25 Dez

Learn what remarkable things the FemiLift laser treatment has done for Abby Short, 56 from Essex, UK.
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